Decorate your home with posters

Once the walls are painted, furniture is in place, lighting is installed and carpets and curtains are in place, it's time to decorate with details. Setting the style in a room with framed posters and paintings is an easy and inexpensive way to add that final touch that lifts the overall look of a room to amazing new heights. Here, we list our pick of smart styling tips for the do-it-yourself enthusiast:

1. Build a gallery wall
Building a gallery wall is an easy and inexpensive way to elevate an entire room. Gallery walls can be large or small depending on the room and space, but what they have in common is that they bring new life to the walls. What's more, the possibilities for creating a personal mix of styles are virtually endless! With small, simple means, you can quickly turn an empty, boring wall space into a beautiful and personal art collection.

2. Take advantage of beautiful windows
You don't have to put a flowerpot and a lamp in a window. Although posters are usually hung on the wall, sometimes you can think outside the box and either place a picture frame with posters leaning against the wall next to a window with beautiful light or place frames with posters on the window sill. Combine with other nice decorative items!

3. Let color and shape interact
Create a striking art collection that interacts with its surroundings by building a gallery wall of posters with tone-on-tone colors. Create a mood board with a few selected colors that you draw from furniture and walls and use these as a starting point when choosing posters, such as beige and black. It's both effective and harmonizing – and incredibly stylish!

4. Choose a consistent theme
A stylish way to create a wall of posters that work together is to choose posters with a common theme, either a chosen category, topic or style. A common theme could be Nature, a common topic could be Love, and a common style could be Abstract or Minimalist.

5. Decorate with black and white posters
Black and white posters are easy to combine with almost any style and color. This makes it easy to find posters that go well with your wall color, furniture or with other posters, whatever your starting point is. Either combine black and white posters throughout your entire wall or use black and white posters that break off in combination with other posters in color.

6. Find external sources of inspiration
Who doesn't love surfing websites looking at apartments and homes? These sites are not just buying and selling sites, but also a great source of inspiration for your own interior design. Take a screenshot and save pictures when stylish interior details you like pop up, clever solutions you can use in your own home or color combinations you like and can imagine using in your own home the day you decide to repaint.